I can’t find my music. Where did it go?

If you used our download manager, simply open the program and check the Downloading To box at the bottom left. If your downloads completed successfully and you haven’t since changed your Download To preferences, they will be in that location. 
If you did not use the download manager, please follow these steps for the appropriate browser.
Internet Explorer - With IE open, hit Ctrl+J on your keyboard. The View Downloads popup will appear. The location of each download in the list will be listed in the Location column.
Firefox - Click the down arrow in the top toolbar. Right click on the file in the list and select “Open Containing Folder.”
Chrome - With Chrome open, hit Ctrl+J on your keyboard. Choose “Show in folder” underneath the file.
Safari - Choose Window then Downloads or click “Show Downloads” at top right. Click the magnifying glass next to the filename.

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  • 22-May-2017